Management Care

Qingdao City Construction Investment Group, a municipal state-owned investment company, was established in March 2008. The Group is taking “Building the City Lifeline” as their duty, planning and achieving the Goal – “Forming and developing in an efficient manner”. The company made a success on building the “Qingdao International Olympic Sailing Center”, developing of Yunnan road and Zhongdao area, building Binhai new district and the allowance properties, building the Bay Bridge and the linkages of the bridge, the sewage treatment plant’s up-gradation and the redevelopment of the sewage pipe network, funding and constructing the City Women and Children Hospital and North Central Hospital, and all of those made Qingdao City Construction Investment Group the major force of developing the city and achieving the “ City Lifeline” strategy. The company has also targeted their business on land investigating, road and bridge constructing, environmental energy, major projects, real estate, tourism, education, media, community service and fund raising.


Qingdao City Construction Investment Group has their faith on the coming future. The Group will create more economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits in a realistic and aggressive manner. By building itself to be a well-organized corporation with strong investment capability and influence, the company will contribute all it could on developing a better City of Qingdao. Here, we appreciate all those who have ever cared and supported Qingdao City Investment Construction Group, and wish we could make a beautiful and better future with you.