Corporate Overview

Qingdao City Construction Investment Group which was founded in March 2008 with a registered capital of 3 billion RMB is one of the investment companies which are directly governed by the Government of Qingdao.

By learning from other successful city investment companies and considering the actual circumstances and external environment, Qingdao City Construction Investment Group set up the company development idea: making city construction as the core value, fund-raising as the primary activity, institutional improvement as the guarantee, to gain advantages on the municipal infrastructure construction. Being the main force of implementing the city’s strategy “On the basis of the protection of the ecological environment of the Jiaozhou Bay, developing the economy at the same time”, the major party of building Qingdao to be a modern international city and the chosen enterprise of investing the “City Lifeline”, the Company has expanded their service scope to cover land, roads, bridges, environmental energy, tourism, major engineering projects and real estate development and construction and etc.

Since year 2008, under the leadership of the Qingdao municipal Government and with the support from all related government departments, Qingdao City Construction Investment Group has conquered many difficulties such as the unsubstantial understructure and a large number of problems which last from previous. Furthermore, the company achieved many successes on launching Olympic Sailing Games and Paralympics Sailing Games, China Qingdao International Marine Festival, Navy Day, Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and Volvo Ocean Race, and accomplished various major projects such as the relocating of the Women and Children Hospital, the renovation and expansion of North Central Hospital and the construction of CPC School Building.

Meanwhile, as following the Government’s strategy and fulfilling the “City Lifeline” task, Qingdao City Construction Investment Group, playing the role as fund-raising fundamental, completed many major projects including the Bay Bridge and the linkages of the bridge, the sewage treatment plant’s up-gradation and the redevelopment of the sewage pipe network. The group has invested in city subway, Port Dongjiakou, the railway station (north), development of Yunnan road and Zhongdao area, Binhai new district and the allowance properties. Qingdao City Construction Investment Group has put a significant amount of efforts on the city’s infrastructure construction and contributed all they can, and we see a stabilized improvement and a favorite trend of the company’s future development.

According to the first mayor meeting of the Fifteenth People’s Government on 11th April, 2012, Qingdao City Construction Investment Group set their primary business target on urban and rural infrastructure construction and tourism, and the company is taking responsibility on developing Hongdao, urban and rural region development, government related over ground and underground developing operation projects. By following the new strategy which was announced by the government of the city, Qingdao City Construction Investment Group reformed the Qingdao Hongdao Development Construction Group and promoted the development of Hongdao with all of their strength; formed “Qingdao Chengxiang Construction Investment Group” and “Qingdao Chengxiang Construction Finance Guarantee Company” and set up the fundamental for improving the economy and raising the fund for the rural area. Being the trustee of the government investment and asset, Qingdao City Construction Investment Group is following the development strategy of Qingdao and targeting urban and rural area improvement and infrastructure construction and tourism, leading the industry and adding value to the state-owned capital with professional management and marketization.